Wind Energy

Tue, 05 Jun 2018 15:21:38 UTC

Does living near wind turbines negatively impact human health?

Wind turbines are a source of clean renewable energy, but some people who live nearby describe the shadow flicker, the audible sounds and the subaudible sound pressure levels as 'annoying.' They claim this nuisance negatively impacts their quality of more
Tue, 29 May 2018 17:20:32 UTC

Construction delays make new nuclear power plants costlier than ever

The cost of building new nuclear power plants is nearly 20 percent higher than expected due to delays, a new analysis has more
Thu, 17 May 2018 15:38:12 UTC

Can we get 100 percent of our energy from renewable sources?

Some researchers doubted the feasibility of many of the recent scenarios for high shares of renewable energy. Now scientists have hit back with their response to the points raised. They demonstrate that there are no roadblocks on the way to a 100 percent renewable more
Thu, 17 May 2018 15:38:02 UTC

Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat

Engineers have designed a robotic glider that can skim along the water's surface, riding the wind like an albatross while also surfing the waves like a more
Thu, 17 May 2018 02:14:43 UTC

European wind energy generation potential in a 1.5 degree C warmer world

The UK and large parts of northern Europe could become windier if global temperatures reach 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, according to a new more
Mon, 07 May 2018 11:42:06 UTC

Impacts of windfarm construction on harbor porpoises

Scientists from Germany, Denmark and the UK have built a model tool to predict what happens to marine animals when exposed to noise from the construction and operation of wind farms at more
Thu, 03 May 2018 18:27:16 UTC

Natural gas prices, not 'war on coal,' were key to coal power decline

Steep declines in the use of coal for power generation over the past decade were caused largely by less expensive natural gas and the availability of wind energy -- not by environmental more
Tue, 01 May 2018 20:18:03 UTC

Environmental impact of electric vehicles in China? It depends on how they are charged

Electric vehicles play a key role in China's plan to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions but, with the majority of China's electricity still coming from coal-fired power plants, many question just how effective this strategy will be. Now, researchers have found that how electric vehicles are charged -- whether in the low-energy slow mode or high-energy fast mode -- plays a significant role in the reduction of CO2 and the integration of wind more
Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:50:50 UTC

New control strategy helps reap maximum power from wind farms

Researchers have developed a way to extract more power from the wind. The researchers used supercomputers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center to filter out the effects of turbulence and apply control algorithms that can better manage the operation of wind farms. The approach has the potential to increase wind power generation by 6-7 percent with a estimated increase in revenue of more than $600 million more
Tue, 10 Apr 2018 12:42:30 UTC

Silent marine robots record sounds underwater

Silent marine robots that record sounds underwater are allowing researchers to listen to the oceans as never before. While pilot whales make whistles, buzzes and clicks, pods of hunting dolphins create high-pitched echolocation clicks and larger species such as sperm whales make louder, slower clicks. As well as eavesdropping on marine life, the recordings can be used to measure sea-surface wind speed and monitor storms. The research will be presented at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union, more
Thu, 05 Apr 2018 13:32:47 UTC

Banking on sunshine: World added far more solar than fossil fuel power generating capacity in 2017

Solar energy dominated global investment in new power generation like never before in more
Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:24:02 UTC

Obtaining energy from marine currents

Researchers have developed procedures and designs to obtain energy from marine currents in areas of great depths optimizing the more
Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:39:06 UTC

Chirping is welcome in birds but not in fusion devices

Birds do it and so do doughnut-shaped fusion facilities called 'tokamaks.' But tokamak chirping -- a rapidly changing frequency wave that can be far above what the human ear can detect -- is hardly welcome to researchers who seek to bring the fusion that powers the sun and stars to more
Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:02:21 UTC

Research gets closer to producing revolutionary battery to power renewable energy industry

New research verges on development of a commercial hydrogen-bromine flow battery, an advanced industrial-scale battery design engineers have strived to develop since the more
Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:45:20 UTC

The principle of electric wind in plasma

Scientists have identified the basic principle of electric wind in plasma. This finding will contribute to developing technology in various applications of plasma, including fluid control more
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